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No home should be without this topical basic healing salve.The Balm is excellent for cuts, scrapes, infected wounds, any kind of rash: diaper, heat, eczema, dry cracked heals and just about anything you can think of. Our proprietary blend of healing herbs ( comfy, st johnswort, rosehips, chickweed and many more) infused into organic cold pressed canola oil. Other healing oils are then added along with antibacterial tea tree & neem plus spike lavender essential oils. This salve has been effectively healing humans and pets for over 20 years.

For over 20 years, this anti~inflammatory, analgesic & cell rejuvenating herbal blend has been providing relief for muscle aches, pains, overuse as well arthritic joint pain , inflammation. and stiffness. It is excellent before and/or after a workout. Apply 3/ 4 x’s a day to heal most muscular aches & pains. Comes in both a salve and an oil.

This simple -yet -effective lip protector moisturizes and heals lips while also protecting them from the sun. All natural flavors to choose from , Lavender, Key Lime, Wintergreen & Vanilla. 1/3 OZ jar

This thick, rich, heavenly - scented butter moisturizes dry lips, hands, elbows, legs & feet. Rich in cocoa & shea butter, virgin coconut , hemp and jojoba oils and the aromatic roasted coffee oil. It’s so yummy you’ll be temped to eat it. Excellent after shaving, after bathing as it absorbs rapidly on wet skin. A little goes a long way enjoy !

A little dab of this rich,nutrient rich face and hand creme, goes a long way. We start with our herbal tea and blend it with cold pressed oils of grapeseed, pumpkin, hemp with shea butter & virgin coconut oil. Then we add precious oils of sandalwood, seabuckthorn and lavender to create a luxurious, skin softening delight ! Use morning and night over the Lavender Splash.

Starting with our proprietary herbal blend steeped into a rich tea, we’ve then added rose hydrosol plus nutrient rich oils and essential oils to creates a light healing, toning, moisturizing, rehydrating splash. This is excellent after washing before moisturizing your face. Also effective for after sun & wind exposure or for rehydrating in dry conditions for the whole body Blending with any of the cremes, butter or oils aids in healing, moisturizing and quicker absorption.

Herbs that heal, soothe , cool, moisturize are infused into cold pressed grapeseed oil. We then add a generous amount of lavender essential oil plus nutrient rich hemp, jojoba & sea buckthorn oils to create a head -to- toe moisturizer. For rapid absorption, blend with the Lavender Splash. Then apply to face,arms, all over, legs after shaving ,feet. Use as a leave-in hair conditioner too ! An excellent every day ....every season oil.

Quench thirsty skin with this silky, light hand, body and face lotion. It delivers vital nutrients, nourishment and long lasting moisture. Healing herbs, nutritious oils, aloe vera, trace minerals in a lightly scented Lavender. Goes on smooth, absorbs quickly.

Hydrating and soothing, this luscious, thick bodied all over body moisturizer is perfect for after shower & bath. Combining exotic butters,(Mango, Shea & Cupuacu) oils ( Palm fruit & macerated carrot) and lots of soothing, calming Lavender essential oil. This balm absorbs quickest when applied to damp skin, sealing in moisture while rejuvenating dry skin.

Stay fresh all day with this antibacterial deodorant made with odor fighting herbs and essential oils. We start with a lavender, witch hazel, oregano, neem tea. Next we add witch hazel hydrosol and aloe vera blend with anti bacterial neem, tea tree, oregano & thyme essential oils plus a light fruity scent. This simple and clean scented under- arm, or under breast spritz can be sprayed on morning , evening and thru out the day as needed.

With a refreshing Bay & Key Lime scent, this toner heals , calms inflammation, nourishes the skin & closes the pores after shaving or anytime. Utilizing carrot seed, hemp & jojoba oils plus a touch of Cedarwood and Sandalwood, brings vital nutrients to revitalize you skin.

Keep bugs at bay utilizing time honored herbal repellents. We’ve added lavender & tansy into a witch hazel tea, which provides a soothing base for citronella, cedarwood, lemongrass and other essential oils. Generously spray on thru out your time spent out of doors.

Feel the relief, stop the itch, speed up healing of the poison ivy, poison oak rash. We’ve Infused isopropyl alcohol with local wildcrafted herbs (sweetfern, jewelweed, plantain, adding comfy) into a witchhazel tea. Applying 3 times to each break out helps stop the itch and apply throughout the day helps dry it up.

Travel the globe from the comfort of your own bath tub as you soak in pristine salts from Hawaii, the Dead Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Himalayas, and the Utah Salt Flats. Combined, these salts are some of the purest in the world, containing large amounts of essential minerals and trace elements that help maintain normal body functions, electrolyte balance, and pH. Known for being deeply relaxing, these bath salts also help to increase circulation, remove toxins from the body, soothe sore muscles and joints, cleanse the skin, and clarify the energy body. They are the perfect remedy for tired bodies, minds, and souls !  
Choose from a bold Lavender scent (which brings added calming, soothing, anti inflammatory benefits) Add a sprinkle to a foot bath or a handful for your bath.  

Create your own gift bag for gift giving. Perfect for your best friends, pet sitter, child care, stocking stuffers, work buddies.  
Irene will customize the perfect party favors, wedding favors, anytime, any season. 
Email for details or requests.

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