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Personal Transformational Sessions
What can I gain from a session ?
Due to many factors in one’s life journey and what has been brought forward through past lives, you can expect a wide range of experiences as you let go of what no longer serves you. Create a foundation to further expand on your gifts, wishes, desires as you bring in new possibilities, potentials and adventures.

What will I feel during a session ?
You may feel a deep sense of peace, restfulness ; you might experience a release occurring as aspects come back into alignment; you could experience a metaphysical journey with the Divine and your Soul; and you might sense the lifting or shifting of imbalances, symptoms, pain, and emotional wounds.

What happens after a session ?
When working in person you will chat about your experience with Irene, what
occurred during the session and what you might expect to
experience in the coming days/ week/s months.

How do I book a session ?
Once you pay for the session, Irene will email or call you to schedule a day and time for the session. You will be asked a few questions prior to the session. You will receive an email a few days prior as a reminder.

What if I need to cancel a session ? 
There is no need, for Irene can do a session and you can “call it in” when you go to sleep. Just let Irene know and you can chat about the session the next day.

Step into Your Mastery with Irene

Experience a healing session with Irene, called the healer’s healer, who has been a Shamballa multi-dimensional healing practitioner and teacher for over 20 years. Now trained additionally in Meg Blackburn-Losey’s “Touching the Light” multi-dimensional energy work, Irene can help you clear, heal, transform, and bring in your innate gifts.

* Need help with physical or emotional issues, pain, dis-ease?
* Feeling out of sorts
* Life isn't going the way you thought it should
* Are you open to change?
* Need some clarity?
* Just know there’s something more but don’t know what it is?
* Are you at a crossroads in your life?
"The first time Irene worked on me was the first time in years that I could feel my whole nervous system decompress and find a still point of peace and calm. Her authentic, deeply compassionate, and grounded presence and ability to track and correct energy patterns has allowed layers of old trauma and chronic illness to move and lift. I have more energy, less pain and fear, fewer symptoms, and most importantly I am beginning to feel more and more like my “true” self."  
Michelle Haveri Sedona AZ

"I was dealing with an acute lower back injury when I had a session with Irene. Almost immediately the pain subsided, as did my mental tension around it. Calming and gentle, her energy work helped my back to heal in a fraction of the time it would have normally taken. I am impressed with her ability to see energy and to work with it in its most subtle forms." 
  Bruce Haveri Sedona Az

"The sessions have been huge turning points in my year. They've helped me to harness and focus my energies on a comically long 'wish-list' of things I wanted to focus on. The healing I'd been seeking and the shift in focus I'd been looking for were immediate and things flowed much more easily from there. Over the next few months, I kept having 'moments' where I'd stop and pause briefly and realize I was in a completely different space & vibration to where I was before; the changes were subtle and I didn't realize I'd been on a journey, only that I had now arrived at a destination. These moments have repeated frequently and nearly a year later I look back and am amazed at how far I've come and how the sessions helped to spark the process of transformation!""
KLC Sidney Australia

Irene Fox, is a dedicated compassionate healer, who worked on me with her hands of light energy, the sessions was incredible, I was transported in a healing realm that filled me with grace."
Charles Lightwalker- Metis Shaman Spokane Wa.

"I found Irene's healing session to be very informative, accurate & addressed every level of being. She was professional, nurturing & light in touch. I would say she is a 'healers healer'."
I would also love another session with you either long distance or on your last visit to Spokane.....thanks" 
Serena Spokane Wa.

"So many wonderful things can be said about the session I had with Irene and the work that she does, but one thing which shines through is her authentic and deep, strong connection to Source. The way she shares it and how the one on the table benefit immensely is so very profound! 
My path took a quantum leap after working with her, and if you are so lucky to have the opportunity – go for it!"
Namaste Metta Mt. Shasta Ca.

"My experience with Irene's amazing work was profound. Our first session was a quantum leap and the second session was beyond was absolutely amazing! I am very grateful for her assistance and the grace that I received and I highly reccommend this work to anyone who is serious about personal growth and expansion."
J.J. Divine Mt. Shasta Ca.

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or email any questions to Irene @
RE~BIRTHING SESSIONS  are now available 
Many of us go thru trauma & shock just in the natural birthing process. When you add any chemicals used in birthing, the emotional atmosphere of your Birth Mother and biological Father, add any food, drug, physical abuse, anxiety , any surgery involved , all of this and more creates distortions in your energy field. Having Re~ Birthing session helps remove all of this and more creating a clean slate ( so to speak ) in going forward in your life. There is so much more to this. please feel free to email Irene @

session price 45.00
coupled with a Transformational healing session 115.00
Personal Transformation
Re~Birthing Sessions
A session brings all aspects of YOU into alignment, integrating fragmented or wounded parts due to childhood trauma, adult trauma, or past life trauma.

Welcome in the divine you, your Soul you, all of you and your connection to All That Is. The multi ~verse is our playground and there is no need to be limited by 3D structures anymore ! Irene’s energy work sessions can bring you further into your Mastery, into your Soul’s Journey, and into a more expansive, light filled version of you as you release what no longer serves you.

Are you ready to open yourself up to creating the life you deserve living?
Sessions are available in person or long distance. Both are equally affective.